Arri Lenses

Griot Facilities, has identified a niche need in the South African Film, Television and
Video Production Equipment Rentals

From inception, Griot strategically partners with industry technical crew and production professionals and companies in order to service, facilitate and support all the selection, testing and rental of all the “ín-demand” production equipment/ gear necessary for the productions to meet all their creative, technical and budgetary targets seamlessly, as and when required, from start to finish.


Griot competitively rents out all of the following production equipment per department, on a rental basis:

• Camera, lens and accessories
• Grip and supports
• Lighting and electrical
• VT, monitoring and playback


Griot not only rents out all of the “in-demand” production equipment listed above, it also provides:

• Specialized on-set cinematography workflow planning and management services.
• Post edit services and
• Colourist services also

*These services are provided as part of its Digital Melanin Cinematography Institute.

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Plot 68 old warmbathroad, Groetvlei, Hammaskraal,
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Griot is based in the City of Tshwane, but operates in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town seamlessly through its tight knit supplier network, as per client requirement.